Top White Label SEO Reseller in India

What is SEO Reseller Program?

An SEO reseller is simply an agency that specializes in SEO and white label SEO services to other agencies. It is usually design, development and marketing agencies.
Think of it as a team of SEO experts with highly developed processes for delivering better search results across different verticals.

The reseller program in SEO is offered customized to meet the immediate business requirements of the online businesses of prospective clients/customers. A good reseller in SEO would also let the prospective customers have the freedom to get through affordable, online marketing options which will boost the business graph.

Most of all, Small businesses and business enterprise who are not in a position to commit to an entire white label services program can enter the virtual marketplace platform by using the Local SEO Reseller applications of bigger agencies. These are perfect for SEO Companies, design agencies, web hosting companies, internet marketers, consultants, freelancers and anyone else who requires high-quality SEO outsourcing at incredible prices.

As an SEO Company, they invest a lot of our time and effort in researching the dynamic search algorithms & design SEO process with measurable deliverable’s desired results.

So, SEO packages offered by the Local Seo reseller are flexible, affordable & beneficial for the growth of their business online. The job of a reseller is not only to sell the SEO services, but also make sure that the clients are completely satisfied with the SEO strategies being provided to boosting their online business activity.


Benefits of SEO Reseller Program

  • Economical and Time-Saving

  • When you choose to white label SEO Strategy, you surely save big on money. Since you are saving on time and effort of planning the entire SEO strategy.

  • Happy and Satisfied Customers:

    Every business success and failure depend upon the channelizing of its limited resources. SEO Reseller helps to take care of your SEO needs and satisfied by giving a positive push to your business.

  • Focus on business operations:

    SEO Reseller will focus on managing the entire business in a positive way. It would take care of your Digital Marketing Strategies while you focus on your business operations.

  • High ROI (Return on Investment)

    In SEO reseller programs a particular website is well promoted by a team of highly qualified professionals, who assist you in recognizing your dreams with regard to high ranking of websites, increased web traffic and attaining optimum web presence or improved rankings through major search engines this complete process gives the high return on investment to the customer.

    Boost web presence

    SEO companies are not created on an even basis and may not get the desired search engine position. Therefore, their reseller programs are extremely money-spinning because they use social media websites to boost the web presence of a particular business website.

Economical and Time-Saving:

When you choose to white label SEO Strategy, you surely save big on money. Since you are saving on time and effort of planning the entire SEO strategy.


Here are some other benefits Of White SEO Reseller program :

    • End-to-end customer support

    • Project planning for resellers

    • Complete privacy of businesses

    • Website marketing amenities

    • Discounted prices

    • Excellent profit margins

    • Enhanced staff augmentation


Do following steps before partnering with White HAT SEO Reseller :


Do Your Research

To find out the best SEO resellers agency just search and check the first ten results and their business profile also business review and choose one that meets your particular business requirements.

Determine Your Priorities

Before hiring an SEO reseller, you need to check and analyze the different factors that will affect your purchasing decision:

Price: Compare which SEO Reseller will get you the most reliable services of SEO in your budget.

Customer support: If you have questions or any kind of problems regarding their services make sure you have easy to reach contacts of their support team or members.

Choose What You Are Most Comfortable With

You are the only one that can decide what type of works best for your company or agency, so go with your personal and smart decision don’t go with that SEO reseller who is highly regarded by your peers because you know better than that which one is best for your business.

If the SEO reseller doesn’t give you desired results think twice before moving forward.

Keep Testing

Use website analytics to track and measure results this process involves lots of careful testing and improvements. After getting higher ranking the SEO Reseller have to do more work to maintain position.


Before hiring white label SEO Reseller you need to know about SEO and about the companies which are offering white label SEO programs and compare their services with each other also match it with your requirements.

Digital Marketing Experts
SEO Discovery 

SEO Discovery is a digital marketing company founded in 2007 and carrying an extensive experience of 10 years in the Search Engine Marketing and the Internet we take pride in bringing business to our domestic and international clients. From a team of purely three employees, we've grown to a team of Content Writers, 200+ SEO professionals who strive to deliver powerful, cost-effective and process-driven IT solutions that include, but are not limited to PPC, SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and Reputation Management.

A team of Creative Designer

Mandy Web Design a team of creative, passionate and result oriented professionals, aimed to deliver innovative web design & web development service to fulfill the ends and purposes of clients. We make sure the best possible strategic result for your website designing initiative and this is what enables our clients to attend the maximum level in the online business market. Our professionals work with the dedication to deliver website design and WordPress setup client success on every project.

Digital Marketing Solutions

one of the most famous digital services provider company in the market who delivers highest quality services to their client and searching brand new link-building strategies to improve client business growth on the web and has unique and clear comprehension SEO approaches. Our strengths are our relevant, high quality and Creative strategy.

Top Local SEO Specialist in India

Local Seo

In order to get more potential customers on your website, you will need to rank high in search engines like Google or Bing. This will result in more visitors and, if everything is done in a right way, more clients and sales.

However, not everyone can call themselves a SEO Specialistand even if you are, not everyone has time to get their site to the top rankings in search engines.

Who are SEO Specialist?

A SEO Specialist is the one who maximize the traffic to your site by improving page rank within search engines.

Furthermore, There are a lot of factors that an SEO specialist must deal with it. They are the one who can handle all On-page & Off Page SEO activities like web directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting, blog commenting, article submission etc. The daily routine for someone working in SEO could include a combination of any of On-Page or Off-Page activities, which means that a true specialist has to have a broad skill set and be willing to always learn more.

Local SEO

At this point, most advertisers and entrepreneurs realize that SEO is a basic variable for driving site activity. Presently a little autonomous retailer can exchange at a national or even a universal level with legitimate SEO methodologies. SEO Specialist help companies get business from search engines, but now the question arries that what is SEO and who are “SEO Specialist”?

As a result SEO is a most cost effective form of marketing today. It is process of getting your website on top position in major Search engines and getting high quality targeted traffic to your Web site.

Significance of SEO:

  1. Best ways to connect with targeted consumers and share your offer.
  2. Help to increase brand awareness and online visibility.
  3. SEO leads tend to have higher close rates than outbound leads.
  4. Proper optimization means better rankings plus better user experience.
  5. Lead to increase visitors and sales.
  6. To sell products online.

What does SEO specialist do:

  1. Making sense of How Your Customers Search.
  2. Executing Keywords into Your Website
  3. Checking on and Improving On Page SEO Factors
  4. Getting the message out about Your Content
  5. Make backlinks with OFF Page Tasks. 

Hence, Always check seek terms, rankings and examination to screen execution of customer sites and make suggestions for development.Utilize online networking to circulate content and urge more outside locales to connection to your substance - giving you greater specialist.

Here is a list of Top local SEO specialist in India:

SEO Discovery

SEO Discovery is found in 2007 and carries a considerable experience of 10 years in the Internet and Search Engine Marketing. Its project managers works to understand your business’s needs, then custom tailor the best strategy for you to maximize the return on your investment.

Website :

Mandy Web Design

Mandy Webdesign guarantee Google page #1 Result with white hat Search Engine Optimization strategies. They offers best packages for small businesses as well as enterprises to strengthen their online footprint and maximize profits. It is a leading Search Engine Optimization services provider in India.

Website :

SEO Experts:

SEO Experts India well known SEO & Internet Marketing Company based in India. They are well known for constantly attaining unparalleled results for their clients in the ever-changing world of online marketing.

Website :

SEO Experts Company India:

Since August 2011, SEO Experts Company India is determine to make its clients shine in their respective niche. With its base in India, they provide an exclusive and quality SEO service that satisfies their clients need.

Website :

Ranking By SEO

Ranking By SEO is best SEO services company in India that offers guaranteed SEO services. It is one among the leading company in the sector of SEO services, Internet, web development and software solution. Their services includes Search Engine Marketing, Google AdSense, Google Webmaster Tools and many more.

Website :

Top Local SEO Companies in India

In today’s generation, almost everything is becoming digital. Every company can grow their business and make more money by using Local SEO. Even shopping and finding companies that can serve our needs are done online. Local SEO  has been playing its active role globally; the world today demands differentiation in all respect. Search is proven to be one of the highest converting media opportunities of possible marketing spend. So why spend more on advertising your company on local newspapers and media when you can actually find a large potential market online? Why not try to promote your business in the venue where there are more potential clients? Why? Because the advertising company captures the audience looking for the exact product or service at the exact moment they need it.


Search engines have taken the next step in providing the most relevant results to consumers – displaying different results pages for small geographical locations, even cities that are just miles apart. Local SEO will  get your business on the top of search results in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

This allows your company to:

  • Get more quality traffic to your website
  • Get more calls and customers from the internet
  • Reduce advertising costs with free traffic

Local Seo

Here is some reasons Why Local SEO Will Help Attract New Customers to Your Business

  1. Local customers are turning to the internet to find local businesses — on desktops AND mobile devices
  2. Local search marketing is highly targeted and timely
  3. Highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels
  4. Mobile Internet is Growing
  5. Great return on investment
  6. Only 20% of Adults Get News from Print Newspapers
  7. 88% of Local Consumers Trust Online Business Reviews
  8. Local Customers Rely on the Internet to Find Information About Your Business
  9. Targeting the Internet Savvy Customers
  10. Cost efficient and economical deal.

These Local Search trends are strong now and they’re only going to get stronger and more significant in the future. Once a consumer finds a company via search – they will also check their online reputation. 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much a personal recommendation so it’s very important to showcase your happy clients.

Raising local awareness online starts with a smart strategy. If you’re willing to execute, you can quickly pull ahead of competitors and emerge as a top player in your area.

When you seamlessly integrate all these aspects – the results are powerful. You have increased customers, sales and company growth. Internet marketing is also much more quantitative than traditional marketing ever could be. Many Internet marketing channels yield detailed data that allows you to optimize online campaigns on the fly. This data also allows you to launch new campaigns on a strong foundation of established data, which greatly improves your chances of success.

Top companies offering the best Local SEO Services.

SEO Discovery - An SEO Company with Results that Work

SEO Discovery is one of the best SEO company India with top SEO experts and who are determined to make clients shine in their respective niche. With their base in India, they provide an exclusive and quality SEO service that satisfies their clients need. They help businesses in driving the right traffic to their websites via different internet marketing techniques whether it’s a Local Business, National Business, Online Shop, Enterprise, Small Business.

Mandy Web Design - SEO & Online Marketing Solutions

Mandy Web Design is a team of passionate, creative and result oriented professionals, aimed to deliver best Search Engine Optimization(SEO) services to fulfill the goals and objectives of clients. also specializes in designing SEO friendly websites which helps one attain top rankings on various search engines.

Mandy Web Design

eBrandz Solutions Private Limited - Global Digital Marketing Agency

One of the leading SEO company in India, eBrandz Solutions Private Limited is an SEO and internet marketing service provider. They have a team of experienced professionals who will help you with all the SEO related tasks include everything from social media optimization to redesigning of the website to make them visible.

Rankwebz- Leading Digital Marketing Agency

Rankwebz is an on the web and Internet showcasing organization and positioned among the main 10 SEO Companies in India. With their base in India, they provide an exclusive and quality SEO service that satisfies their clients need. They have a potential group of SEO experts who will help to develop your online business.