Responsive Web Design Companies in India

A responsive website, one step solution to generate leads for the business

Gone are those days when there was only a single device in a home to communicate to the near ones. Today, in this modern era, every family member have their own devices like as Androids, smartphones, iPad, iPods and so on. And all these devices build on different platforms.

Technology has changed the way of living and every person from child to adult is in the race to use the new features of technology. These days websites are the common mode weather anyone want to interact to someone through social media, display the products to get sales and to seek the audience awareness towards the services and new brands.

So the websites should fulfill the needs of users. We can say “the websites should responsive”.

We call a website a responsive website when its design is advanced and changes its features according to the different devices.

Responsive Website Design Companies

Basically, we can define Responsive Web Design as “an approach which suggests that design and development of a website should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.”

It is a mixture of flexible grids, layouts, images and intelligent use of CSS media queries as user switch from laptop to i pad or smartphone than the website automatically switches to the user’s preference or we can say that switch to user’s preferred screen resolution.

Top Responsive Website Design Firms India

The Five Reasons to Build a Responsive Website:

To Make Website Mobile Friendly: The usage of mobiles increases incredibly and the responsive websites are always mobile friendly. Mobiles become a main need for everyone and people do use their mobiles to do most of the things of their daily routine. From searching a location to book the movie tickets.

To Boost the Sales: Online shopping is on the peak in this modern century. Responsive websites support shopping sites so the users access the websites on all devices.

Increase Social Media Visibility: Responsive websites also support a better way to visualize your social media presence on the website. Sharing link through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. can leads traffic to your site.

Dominate SERP Results: Google prefer responsive websites more than the normal sites. Responsive websites are SEO friendly and are flexible for all platforms. The search engines rank such site higher in the SERP.

Easy to Manage: Responsive websites are familiarize with each device. No need to manage the layout and content on two different sites (One: Mobile Version and Second: Desktop Version). You have to only manage the one site.

There are many responsive website design firms in the market which have a high repetition in India, can help you to build an apt website to generate leads for your business and you can make the most of your money.

We have researched and figure out the five top renowned responsive website design firms in India.

Mandy Web Design is leading web Design and Development Company in India, with passionate designers and developers. The team is always ready to learn and implement most engaging techniques to attract the customers and help you to stay one step forward in the market. They have friendly, professional, qualified and experienced staff who take pride in serving the best services and fulfill the goals and objectives of clients.

Evince Development Pvt. Ltd is a leading website design and development company established in 2012. Evince is proudly supporting in the advancement of IT Technology sector for the next generation highly scalable application development and providing solutions. They have highly qualified and experience staff to create the best responsive website designs.

MXICoders At MXICoders you can get a custom website designed for your business by a team of professional website designers.  The company understands your business requirements and design a website according to industry standards. MXICoders is specialized in custom WordPress design, custom Joomla design and custom coded websites using HTML5, MySQL, PHP and other such leading technologies.

NetLink India is a growing digital agency known for creating the responsive websites by using content management systems and PHP. The company have the experienced website designers to create the best websites according to your business requirements.

Softgainz Technologies is an Indian IT company based in Goregaon and Mumbai, provide best website design and development services. The company have a great success record. Softgainz Technologies offers creative and innovative web solutions to the customers.