Top E-Commerce Development Companies in India

Everyone busy in their life and they have no time to go out and purchase the thing that is why they like to purchases the goods online. To purchases the good online they have need a medium, The Medium between the people and the things they want to purchase is the E-commerce sites. E-commerce’s sites are designed and developed by the E-commerce development companies. The proper designing and development of eCommerce website is always matter a lot for your business .

To develop the sites the front end and back end developers are required. The front end developers use the HTML, CSS, JavaScript’s, Etc. to interact the users. The Backend developers responsible to connect the front end work to the database and server.

E commerce Development is basically the process of customizing & extending the links by using programming languages such as the use of a HTML coding , Java scripts, j query, ajax, data base etc.
Or in Other way you can say it's a process to buying or selling the products by the business.

Three major types of website development:

1-custom web application development

2-eCommerce development

3-Enterprise portal development

1-Custom web application development- The custom Web application development uses the off the shelf software to solve the business problem and improve the performance of older system.custom web application development is now become the necessity of every online business because of its huge business. Such as

• Open Source-When you go for the ecommerce websites option to develop your business then it should be easy to use & user friendly shopping cart. So that users can easily understand the services you are providing.

• Make sure that you also provides the facility for consumers to leave their feedback, so that it helps to give an idea of your products in the marketplace.

2-ecommerce development- Ecommerce sites used to buying and selling online. Presently every online business wants to showcase its products in the best way it can, so what can be a better option than an E-commerce website.The developers design and develop the e-commerce site to show the price, Goods Online so that the customer can buy the product from anywhere to save the time of customers. There are so many Ecommerce site from the customers can buy the product online.Flipkart, Ebay, Jabong, HomeShop 18 are the Ecommerce sites to selling and buying the products online.

3-Enterprise portal development: Enterprise portal development, the developers integrates the business, business information, business process and people’s to enhance the interaction with customers.Enterprise portal development is the need for today's business world in order to promote a business with effective communication, collaboration and presentation.

• It Reduced the costs by reducing labor, reduced paper work, reduced errors in keying in data, reduce post costs.

• It reduced the time to handle the complex situations & shorter on time & shorter lead times for payment etc.

• Broader reach across the world markets & people

• Any type of business can be run with unlimited products.

• Best in navigation with most attractive ecommerce web design and reckless ordering process.

• Your website should be mobile friendly.

There are some E-commerce development companies:

Mandy Web Design

Mandy Web Design is the best SEO Web design and development company in India. Mandy Web Design provides the high-quality services of Web designing and development, E-Commerce solution, WordPress development, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile App Services.

Alakmalak Technologies

Alakmalak Technologies provides the best custom design and development services.Alakmalak Technologies designed 200+ E commerce’s websites.

Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions one of the pioneered web development companies, offers the best services of ecommerce’s site design and development.  Sparx have many years’ experience in this field.

Synapse India

Synapse India is a leading e-commerce development company offers the best web design, theme development, shopping-cart, plug-in & module development solutions for small, mid and large-scale companies. They use the Magento, Shopify, Presta Shop, Open Cart, nop Commerce, Big Commerce, Virto Commerce, and Woo Commerce platforms to design and develop the E-commerce Website.

Verve Logic

Verve Logic is the best e-commerce website development companies in India. They have been providing the best e-commerce development services for many years. They use the WordPress, Magento, and Open cart platforms to develop the website.

Unified Infotech

Unified Infotech is one of the best E-commerce development company offering customer oriented solutions and Unified Infotech has been providing the highest level of customer services and commitment for last 7 years.

Perception System

Perception System provides the top quality of E-commerce development services have an Experienced and professional of eCommerce designers and developers that have high knowledge and Understanding of eCommerce strategies and technologies. They use the Magento , OsCommerce, X-cart, Cs-Cart, Etc. Platforms to develop the website.

TIS India

TIS India has high experienced PHP developers that have core knowledge of Online storefronts, B2B & B2C portals, online marketplaces & auction websites, custom development. They use the Prestashop, Magento, OSCommerce, VirtueMart, Zencart, Opencart, Ubercart, Woocommerce, BigCommerce, Shopifyetc platforms to develop the ecommerce site.

Creation Infoways

Creation Infoways provides the high quality E commerce web development services to the small to large scale companies. They also provide the services in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, London, Korea, Zimbabwa. The main focus of company is to provide the quality work and fulfill the all requirement of the client.


eMavens is new delhi based E commerce web development company with over 13 years’ experience. They have high skilled and experienced web development teams.

Prasad Solutions

Prasad Solutions provides the valuable and creative services to meet their customers need to design and develop the ecommerce sites. They provides the services in USA, Germany and India.

Top Java Application Development Companies in india

Java is a programming language and computing platform. A lot of Java applications and websites are created every day. Java is fast, secure, and reliable. It goes without saying, that a major concern for many people is finding a reputable, affordable and trustworthy Java Application Development Company. However, choosing the right Java Application Development Company is not easy as it sounds, considering the fact that you have to take into account a number of factors before making the final decision. which makes it even harder to select the best one for you.

Read on to find out four factors that you need to consider before choosing a Java Application Development Company.

1. Response time and problem-solving skills- Before hiring any company to develop a software for you, try to gather some information about the company. No matter how good the developers are, A good and regular communication is very important for a good and perfect software development. Try to find out the problem-solving skills of the management and how easily they understand your requirements.

2. Check Company Reputation - One of the major factors that you need to consider when choosing a Java Application Development Company is the reputation of the Company. Furthermore, make sure you ask other Clients about the reputation of the company. In addition, you should also conduct a background check and read the reviews and testimonials for determining whether there had been any complaints against the company.

3. The Budget - Without a doubt, a crucial factor that you need to consider when choosing a Java Application Development Company is your budget. Moreover, you should properly determine how much you can afford to pay for the services of the develop any website or application. In addition, you should also find out the total cost involved, hidden charges among others before choosing a Java application development company.

4. Analyze Technical Skills and Expertise - It’s impossible for a company or developers to keep a depth knowledge about every possible technology or piece of coding. Look for a software development company having a team of developers in which every developer has some expertise and strong areas. A team having good and expert developers will be capable of understanding your requirements and delivering as per your expectations.

The 4 ultimate features of web application development:

JAVA has all four features that every developer says is must for any language to be one perfect choice for web app development. Java application Development is never easy. And JAVA being one perfect example for that as:

  • JAVA is Object Oriented
  • JAVA is Platform independent
  • JAVA is Robust and Secure
  • And at last Simple and familiar like C and C++.


Advantages of JAVA Development

  • Maintenance of desktop and web apps is easy and flexible.
  • With the use of J2EE Frameworks, lightweight web apps can be built.
  • JAVA integrates easily with AJAX with extensible plug-in support for existing J2EE applications.
  • Supports migration and porting of different architectures and existing software solutions to JAVA and J2EE platforms.
  • Instant migration for your application servers to JAVA/J2EE platform such as Apache, web logic and web sphere.


What do we do in JAVA Application Development?

  • Mobile application development for Java supported platforms
  • Custom Java web development
  • Java enterprise application development and application maintenance
  • Software testing services, migration or re-engineering.
  • Application Integration
  • Desktop Interface Portals


Top Java Application design & development companies



Mandy Web Design

Mandy Web Design is a web design company specializing in web design, web development, SEO and online marketing for a range of clients. We're focused on creative and best quality solutions. A good Web development enterprise helps you to develop an attractive site that can keep your traffic engaged and stay to your internet pages.

Cygnet Infotech (Pty) Ltd

Cygnet Infotech is one of the well-known names in the IT services sector. Bringing in leading industry ideas with an aim to simplify lives with technology solutions. Cygnet believes in adding value to each relationship.

Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solution is the best company in the IT services sector. The aim is to provide best services and improve overall growth of client's business.

Colan Infotech Pvt Ltd

Nasscom listed company is a customer-centric technology firm offering key services in the areas of cloud services and analytics, mobile and web technology, and ERP solutions.


DataArt offers Java development services. The company has delivered a large number of projects for small- and mid-sized businesses as well as for large enterprises.


Infopulse has solid expertise in delivering software solutions from the simple web and mobile applications to enterprise applications and embedded systems. To implement their solutions, the Infopulse team uses modern technology stacks, including Java.

Top PHP Web Development Companies in india

PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor which is widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. PHP plays a huge role in web Development.PHP first appeared in 1995 and since then, it has gathered Tremendous amount of popularity. Most of the people prefer to use PHP as the platform as it is easy to start with. Probably the fact that Harvard University and Facebook have been developed on PHP has shot up its popularity and credibility.As Website development is an essential requirement for an organization to flourish and the PHP code in a webpage enhances the growth of the company.

PHP web development services are as follows:

  1. Custom PHP development

  2. PHP web development

  3. Custom PHP Programming

  4. Portal development solutions

  5. PHP based CMS development

  6. PHP/MySQL development

  7. E-commerce development

  8. Web application development

  9. Corporate website development

  10.  Open Source CMS Solutions


PHP web development services helps a website to be vibrant, impressive as well as search engine friendly. PHP written scripts can help the webmaster to keep a track on the visitor's activities and can get feedback from them as well. PHP also helps in better content management systems.PHP web development services are helpful in following ways:

  • Object Oriented Programming

Object oriented programming is faster, simpler and easier to debug. PHP is also known to use fewer server resources and works with less code.

  • Error Reporting

It is important to turn on error reporting for all. PHP will enable user to comprehend where something turned out badly.

  • Use a PHP Framework if need be

PHP web development with the help of a PHP framework is a good idea. It makes too long, slow, or dull tasks easy and saves user from writing bad code.

  • PHP has excellent inbuilt functions

PHP has excellent built in functions. User can simplify complicated tasks and get quicker outputs from the code with PHP.

  • Databases

Databases are a very important part of any project. They are the central location where the data is stored.

  • Draw before coding

Wire framing is a good idea before starting with your web development project. It need not be a long procedure, just a simple scribble on a notepad to represent user’s website should be enough.

This is how PHP web development services are useful. These are user-friendly programming language which handles numerous web applications. There are always some benefits of using something, therefore PHP web development services also has some benefits, which are as follows:

  • Control

Like other languages PHP does not need long scripts, PHP can do the same work in a few lines of code; having the maximum control over the websites. Its gives user a benefits of edit whenever user want to make any change.

  • Efficient

As it is adaptable when composing the code and in addition solid too when you have to manage a considerable measure of website pages. This is why user  can improve the execution of the site worked in PHP.

  • Expedient

PHP utilizes its own particular memory, so the workload of the server and stacking time gets diminished consequently, which comes about into the faster processing speed. In this way, it diminishes the advancement time with regards to the web applications like eCommerce or CRM.

  • Simple

This server side scripting language is amazingly simple to learn, when contrasted with different languages. Additionally, on the off chance that you know about the punctuation of C or Perl, you will learn PHP effortlessly and rapidly; all on account of straightforward language structure.

  • Backings all servers

PHP additionally underpins all the major web servers; be it Apache or Microsoft IIS. It likewise underpins Netscape and individual web server

  • Secured

Secured It is a standout way among the most secured method for creating sites and web applications; as it has a security layer to ensure against viruses and threats.

  • Tested, Demonstrated and Trusted

As it has been utilized for more than 2 decades by a large number of individuals, its capacities have been verified and in this manner trusted by the most engineers.

Above are the benefits of PHP Web Development Services. Although PHP web development is focused on server-side scripting, you can do much more with it.

Here is the list of PHP web development companies :-


Mandy Web design

Mandy Web design is aimed to deliver cutting-edge web design & web development service to provide best possible strategic outcome to clients.

CSS Chopper

CSS Chopper Established in 2009, CSS Chopper is a recognized web development company that has successfully served in over 90+countries so far.

SparX IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is a leading firm based in India. They proide ultimate objective is to provide best services and improve overall growth of client's business.

Top Web development Companies in India

Nowadays everyone want to bring their business on internet and show their business online. Web development companies plays an important roles to bring your business online.

Web development is a process of developing or making the website for the internet on specific business, product, restoring etc. To make the website Web developers is required. Web development companies provide the environment to make the website.

Let's discuss some benefits of hiring Web Development Companies:-

Professional looking website-

Maximum visitors judge the merit of the website primarily based on its design. if you don’t have a good looking website, then your traffic is likely going to move over to any of your competition. A good Web development enterprise helps you to develop an attractive site that can keep your traffic engaged and stay to your internet pages.


If you hire a website development company, you are assured that your website is given an all-new and attractive design with best and easy loading speed – you will get your complete work on time with the guaranteed. This way, you can pay attention greater on your center business and ensure that things are in the right direction. So, hiring a website development organization saves a variety of time.


Dealing with a website development is in no way going to break your bank. nowadays,  you will get a dozen of internet design and development organization on the internet. you can check out the cheap however great web designs presented by a number of the respectable web design organization in India. it will cost you a good deal lesser than you may have to spend on any other local companies.


A good web development company not only develops web sites however also guarantee that it is maintained and up to date nicely. It enables optimize your website to the search engine query and serves the principle reason of giving a refreshing appearance to visitors every now and then. A professional web development business enterprise offers with diverse exclusive factors of a website inclusive of – creation of logos, internet web hosting, software coding, online advertising and marketing and promotion, e-commerce and so on.





Mandy Web Design

Mandy Web Design is the best Web design and development company in Mohali have 150 plus employee. The Goal of the company is to provide the cutting-edge web design & web development service to fulfill the goals and objectives of clients. Mandeep Chahal is founder and CEO of the company.

Ink Web Solutions

Ink Web Solutions is high ranked Web Development company in Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh. Ink Web Solutions provides the complete, Affordable and wide range of Web Design and Development service.The Goal of Ink Web solution is to provide the market-defining high-quality solutions to increase the business growth of the customers.

StellenInfotech Pvt. Ltd.

StellenInfotech Pvt. Ltd is established in 2011 and fast growing Web development company in Mohali provides the high quality and best Web development services for the small and large business to increase the productivity and profitability of the business. It uses the PHP, .Net, Java and many more technologies to develop the website.

Clerisy Solutions

Clerisy Solutions is leading Web design and development company in Mohali provides the high-quality Web design and Development services in the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. Clerisy Solutions have been providing the software and mobile application development services for 8-10 years.

TIS India

TIS is India based company provides the high-performing apps and websites through their effective mobile and web development services.They have completed more than 5,000 projects and they have 250+ clients in the world.

Fatbit Technologies

Fatbit is best Web development company in India and USA. They provides the high quality work to the client. They have Completed over 2000 project over the 50+ nations.

Sparx IT Solutions

Sparx IT Solutions is the best web and app development company in India. They provides the Professional, Affordable & Effective Web Solutions to your business.


Webchefz is India based company provides the excellent services to their clients. They have 17 years experiences and they have completed more than 10000 projects and more than 700 clients all over.