Top tips to be considered while creating best mobile friendly website

In the modern era, with the advancement in technology, it is possible to access information and services through mobile phones. According to the 2016 statistics, mobile traffic data consumption grew by 74% and this trend is showing no intention of slowing down. More than 50 % of the customers think they won’t return to a website if it does not load properly on their devices. This affects the bounce rate of a website is less traffic on the website, more will be the bounce rate. To overcome this trouble, you need to have a mobile friendly website with good innovations. Mobile friendly websites are designed specifically for smaller screens which allow easy navigation via larger touch screen buttons.  In this guides what are the tips that should be considered while creating the best mobile friendly website:

Mobile friendly Websites

#Font sizes and Button size
It is important to have proper font and button size as it makes the website look the most attractive. Font size should be at least 14 PX and the button size should be at least 12 PX.

#1 Identify the basic need of the customers:
With a range of approaches available for the creation of a mobile-friendly website, it is essential to know the needs of the customer for good layouts and designs. Create a simple layout that is easier to navigate as mobile devices have smaller screen compared to desktop.

#2 Plan your site layout:
It is important to keep the minimum number of pages as mobile web pages load slower than traditional web pages. Moreover, the user prefers to click important links rather than several pages deep on your site. So, it is necessary to keep the layout smooth running.

#3 Use responsive technology framework:
Use a responsive technology framework as responsive is a unified approach to web development that allows you to create a responsive website for the user, no matter how they are accessing the site whether on desktop or smartphone. Moreover, one of the best responsive frameworks is Bootstrap.

#4 Remove default zoom:
Auto-zoom can really mess up your layout elements, mainly for navigation content and images. To overcome this remedy, use a view port meta tag to set up variables within its layout.

#5 Don’t use pop up in mobile web design:
Small pop up for the mobile viewer can cause a big headache as it makes the entire user experience frustrating. Pop ups are also time-consuming. Moreover, mobile browsers do not support pop ups.

 #5 Add user-friendly search box:
There should be eye catching and simple search box on the homepage of the website. This makes easier for the user to navigate from one page to another, saving a lot of their precious time.

#6 Add attractive YouTube videos to your website:
The use of videos is the way to boost up your website ranking. Turn to YouTube videos for mobile viewers as YouTube code is already responsive. Moreover, YouTube videos eliminate the process of making videos for your website.

#7 Never stop testing:
Once you have created a mobile friendly website, test it again and again. Test it on different devices, test every page. By testing, you come to know how to make a website more friendly.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to create a mobile friendly website. To solve this, today fetch ideas from your competitors. Moreover, while creating the best mobile friendly website you can consider the above tips for best results. You can also add features to enhance the user experience. So what are you waiting for? Go and browse for the best web development sites and start creating the best mobile friendly website.

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